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Gasthaus "Zum Sünfzen"

Restaurant "Zum Sünfzen"

Being located in the heart of the island, in the pedestrian zone, the restaurant "Zum Sünfzen" continues its more than 70-years-old family tradition of offering specialties of the Swabian and Bavarian cuisine. As always only fresh and regional products are used for cooking.

Here, at this historic house of patricians (built in 1356), we serve a huge variety of dishes – game from Allgäu, fresh fish from the Lake Constance, sausages produced in the own butchery, and seasonal dishes.

Enjoy the service of our attentive waiting staff in two historic restaurant rooms, in the homey beer garden at the pedestrian zone, and everywhere with our "Sünfzen-Catering"

Opening hours: 9:30 am – 11:30 pm (closed on Christmas and Boxing Days)


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